Let's Get Moving!

 Our second round of diabetes support group has started! We had a two month break so our patients can apply their lessons to their lives.We have planned many exciting activities for our class and I am very excited to see these plans in action.

The last time we met we had a physical trainer, Mr. Mumford as a guest speaker. He showed the group some simple and easy exercises to help them improve mobility as well as build strength. Mr. Mumfurd left these great exercises for us to use for our class.  We’ve mentioned to our patients that we are going to be moving around a lot more, just to get them ready, and they seem to be alright with this. With time and God's help we will become a physical class too. 

A great observation is more of these patients are monitoring their blood pressure and their blood sugar frequently. Many are getting into the habit of writing these results down for their records and to share with a health provider. Blood sugars for some have improved significantly! For instance, we have a lady whose blood sugar was around 500 mg/dL when she came early in the year and has now brought these levels down to less than 200 mg/dL. 

Their diets seem to be improving, eating more fruits and beans, and less rice. A lady shared that instead of 3 tortillas she now eats 1 tortilla. And Nicaraguans love their rice, tortillas and pan (bread). We want to encourage them to continue to cut down on these carbs and to add vegetables to their meals, which they don’t eat very much here. Another observation is on our way into Amos one morning Jesse and I saw don Juan, who comes to the class regularly, walking with a friend. We asked him about his walks. He told us that exercise has become very important for his health and that he goes out every morning for walks or rides his bike. This is very encouraging to see these patients taking charge of their health! All for the Glory of our God!


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