Presenting El Muchachito!

A neighbor of mine was feeling the loss of BBQ chicken, ribs and steaks. He would come home and smell the air filled with smokey BBQ goodness from El Muchachon on Sunday afternoons! He said he was going to buy a grill from the Sinsa (overpriced Home Depot of Nicaragua). I said "NO! Do not buy some overpriced tin can made in China! We can make one here for you at the ESVO! It will be stronger, better and custom made!"

In case your wondering, an imported Charbroil grill here can cost over $200 at the Sinsa. We know back in the USA a Charbroil grill is decent, but they are not worth that price! So my neighbor and I sat down at the kitchen table and drew up some plans for a smaller grill. It was to use the same concept and designs from "El Muchachon' grill I made in December.

I brought the plans to the young men at the ESVO (Vocational School) and we started to get to work once again. In a little over a week the grill was completed and now I present to you, 'El Muc…

Roasting in Acuhualinca

We spent a Sunday afternoon in the HOTTEST place I have ever been in my life! Over a 100F degrees, sharing God's message about money at a church in Acuhualinca! This church had a metal roof, and no insulation so this building was an oven! During the message I was stumbling words and presentation equipment almost burnt out! I had never experienced this kind of heat before, but God is good and He gave me enough water and Spirit to share a message with this group, eager to hear!

Back in early May a coworker at the Nehemiah Center, Adrianna asked about hosting financial workshop for the churches she works with. She said since the social political crisis of last year many of the churches in her program are experience tough times earning income, and their congregations are struggling financially.

A group of these churches is located in a section of Managua called Acuhualinca. This barrio is located on the northwest side of the capital city. It is on the shores of Lake Xolotlan. Close by…

Villa Esperanza

There have been a few struggles recruiting for the Kingdom Finance Program on site at the Nehemiah Center. So we decided to take the training on the road and partnered with a local ministry called Villa Esperanza. The director Wilbur's sister Shirley is one of our stand out graduates and he has saw the change in her lifestyle as a testimony to the the programs impact within his own family. When we met with Wilbur to pitch the program to him, I started telling him about Shirley, but I didn't know she was his sister! "Jesse, I believe you what you say about Shirley." He said with a big smile on his face, "did you know she was my sister and lives right next to me?" My eyes got wide, "No, I had no idea!" "I saw the beginning of changes in her lifestyle and I hear the way her and her husband Rodney speak about their finances now. I would like our pastors to take this course and I will take it with them!"
"Ok, Wilbur let's get it on t…

Grinding at the ESVO

A hobby of mine has always been the grill. Taking time to smoke some ribs, or roast a leg of lamb has been a joy for me to share this craft with family an friends for any reason. So when we moved to Nicaragua I couldn't take my grill with me, and I had to live a BBQ free life the first year or so. Imagine that, no BBQ?

Not that Nicaraguans don't grill meat, they love to grill meat. There are people grilling meat and selling it all over, these paces are called asados. And it is very good, but there's nothing like the flavors you grew up with to make you feel comfortable and at home. So we needed a grill!
When I grilled some ribs open pit style at the Nehemiah Center they were delicious and everyone gathered around and ate well. A time to get together again, and forget about the political crisis affecting our lives for a short moment. It was after this day I decided to design a barrel grill, USA style! December of 2018 I walked across the Nehemiah Center's parking lot to…

Smoking Good BBQ in the Jungle!

There was a lot of tension last year in Nicaragua. The political crisis forced many people to stay home and stay safe. It was a very tense and uncertain time. As the violence started to calm down the Nehemiah Center staff was able to come together again and get back to some good ministry work and planning for next year. North Americans volunteers started to make their way back to the country again.

Some friends and I started talking about grilling some ribs before the crisis broke out, but those plans were put on hold. Now with ministry work back in action at the Nehemiah Center we decided to have some good times and reunite in the Nehemiah Center Ranchon for some good eats!

Many of you know I am a grill master! So we decided to get 4 slabs of pork ribs and grill them up for everyone at the Nehemiah Center! I love the ribs here in Nicaragua, they leave so much meat on them and they are super tender and flavorful. Really, the United States needs to step up its pork farming because the …

The Solution to Money Troubles

It has been a little over a year since Finanzas para el Reino began at the Nehemiah Center. God has blessed us with twenty-eight graduates since the program started. We have witnessed the transformation of the lives of these participants and the renewing of their minds with the Word of God. They now understand God’s plan for their lives and finances. Program participant Pastor Juan shares the impact these teachings had on his life, “As church leaders we did not have this knowledge about finances, these teachings are a treasure! Topics such as Christ’s return is frequently interpreted that we go on consuming and become more indebted! However, the solution to our finances, getting out of debt, and staying out of debt is found in the Bible.” The Good Sense course has helped his family start an emergency savings, budget, prioritize, and to get out of debt. They have stopped taking out more loans. He shares his testimony with his congregation. He encourages them to get out of debt, and lea…

Thankful Turkeys in Nicaragua

On my way to Matagalpa, Thanksgiving Day of 2016, I saw a few Turkeys hanging out in front of houses along dirt roads. These turkeys were strutting and gobbling in front of everyone without a care in the world. It's good to be a turkey in Nicaragua. Here they don't need to run from the ax, at least not on the third Thursday of November!

Thanksgiving Day is not celebrated in Nicaragua. So on my first Thanksgiving here I was left with a lot of baked turkey dreams. All those turkeys looked so delicious! At the end of our trip, we settled for fried chicken, on Thanksgiving day?!

In April the whole country of Nicaragua changed. Protests against social security reforms have turn into a political crisis. Hundreds of people have lost their lives, thousand have been injured or disappeared. Thousands have lost their jobs too. All of our past posts this summer have had something to do with the situation of the country. It has been a life changing event for us. However, despite all of th…