Road Show

We were invited by Roberto Armas to Leon, Nicargua. Roberto is working with some churches in this area with a Caja de Ahorros, savings box. There are many bureaucratic barriers to banking in Nicaragua. Many banks require a proof of a salary or job and high monthly minimum deposits.There are also fees that eat away at small accounts. Therefore a group of churches in Leon decided to start a community saving box. Members of the saving co-op have a minimum deposit of $20 Cordobas (.67 cents) a month. They can withdraw after a year.

Since it was a group with a mind and goal for saving, we shared Paz Financiera, "Super Ahorros". We had a large group and were blessed with eager minds and open hearts! Over 30 people came. Best part is the group requested two more sessions!

During open discussion a pastor challenged them all to change their culture. To stop giving in to the poverty excuse and make saving a priority. We encouraged them in this effort, and reminded them the lack of savings they have is not unique, the Paz Financiera videos are made in the United States, a very wealthy country whose people have NO savings!

These road trips are great for the development of the Finanzas para el Reino Program. The more interaction and experience we get in Nicaragua helps in our program development. Enjoy pictures!


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