52 DEEP!

I woke up earlier than usual on Tuesday August, 22, to prepare for our big day! Our vision conference, or pitch for Finanzas para el Reino was here! I arrived at the Nehemiah Center to see the power was out. No electricity! No problem, the Nehemiah Center has a generator, but there was a problem, the generator was right next to the room were we planned to hold the vision conference. This generator is a loud diesel engine, so we started moving chairs and our tech equipment.

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We expected forty people to show up for the conference. We knew it was going to be hot so we turned on the fans, set up our tech and waited for our people to come. Our conference started at 8:30 and people were starting to file in.

In total we held fifty-two  guests in the little conference room! How awesome is our God? Our presentation was received very well and the group was eager, maybe even hungry for God's Word on finance. In attendance were pastors, church leaders, ministry partners and business owners. Thirty-nine attendees handed in their contact sheets ready for the next step in registration.

After the conference I was discussing the program with Harry. He said "Hermano, we are tired of being poor. We are tired of poverty, me included. We are excited!"

A comment from brother Frank, who submitted his application the same day. "I am very interested in the Good Sense course. I am a married agronomist. I am a member of the Vineyard Church and with this course I want to be able to help my church. In addition I work in..... where I provide technical assistance and training in agriculture, but I also want to learn about finances to strengthen me as a leader in my community of farmers and want to be able to train them later in the important area of finances. I am in the guided hands of God! Thank you and thousand blessings AMEN!"

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We start our classes on September 12. Please pray for the development, implementation, and financial support for Fianzas para el Reino.


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