Servants Need Mentors

"I have been waiting three years for this!" said Pastor Berrin. "You know I like to share a thought with you Jesse. The parable Jesus tells us about the man who hid the talents. (Mathew 25: 14-30) Well this man was worried when he hid that money. I like to ask what if that man had someone who could advise him? What if someone walked along side this man and helped discover what better options there were in the world beside burying the money in the ground?" Pastor Berrin inquired as he leaned forward, eyes wide open and excited. "What we need to do is walk side by side with people, the way Jesus walked with us, maybe this man would have heard better words!"

I have been a financial coach and mentor for around 12 years now, and I learned something new this week. The last servant just needed a good mentor. Pastor Berrin has a long history of civil war and politics here in Nicaragua, 15 years ago the saving grace of Jesus Christ changed his heart. "Jesse, when you have the time for the vision conference for the program make sure you call me, I am coming with a few people from our church!" he demanded, still ready for battle! Only this battle is spiritual.

Finanzas para el Rieno is wrapping up its planning stages and we are ready to pitch the vision to the churches of Managua, Nicaragua. Save the date, August 22, 2017,and pray for our vision conference! We have chosen some new material, Good Sense or Buen Sentido, to cover the basics of financial education. The Good Sense Movement is an organization that believes deeply in the fact that stewardship of financial resources lies at the heart of Christian discipleship.

The course is the the first step in the program. After the next few courses are finished we will have meetings and continued support and mentoring for the alumni and from those alumni more mentors will be developed and encouraged to give courses within their own churches.

September 12, 19 and 26 we will be hosting the first course at the Nehemiah Center. We need all of your support to get this program moving ahead! Please pray for our program success.


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