The Nicaraguan Christian Academy's staff training

In 2014 I incorporated Satisfied Wages and formally started a financial coaching business using Biblical principles to help people get out of debt and in control of their finances.

Our company was to offer businesses a service of training and professional development for their employees in the areas of personal finance. Helping anyone in their finances is going to increase employee moral and attendance! However God had other plans and sent us to Nicaragua. I almost closed Satisfied Wages when a friend told me "Jesse, you don't need to close your company, your just going international!" His comment really change my perspective on our goals in Nicaragua and helped me settle in to our work quickly. Thanks Paul P.!

In July we worked with the Nicaraguan Christian Academy International (NCAI) to provide personal finance training to their employees! We teamed up with the Nehemiah Center and Freddy to bring this training there. A hour and half each day for a week we spent giving the Buen Sentido course to 16 employees of the NCAI. After the first session it was so well received more employees wanted to join in! But we had to turn the others away, they didn't complete the pre-work required to enter.

Everyone from gardeners, facilities maintenance and accounting participated. By the time our course was finished they had written a spending plan, debt reduction plan and most importantly applied Biblical Scripture to their finances!

Freddy will be going back for a follow up mentoring in October, to encourage and keep the momentum going. The NCAI is considering another training next year for their emplyees who didn't join this years training.

Nicaraguan Christian Academy Staff 2019


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