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The Holy Spirit is working in amazing ways in Nicaragua and through our ministry! What a blessing it is to be a part of God’s Kingdom work! Since the first Finance's for the Kingdom stewardship class in 2017 we’ve had 173 people impacted with God’s Word in regards to money. This month we celebrated 15 new facilitators of the Good Sense Financial course! Those who had gone through our stewardship class and received mentoring, whose lives have been impacted by these teachings, were invited to the facilitator's training. Participants learned how to teach the Good Sense material to become facilitators themselves! We asked those interested to write a short paragraph of the significant changes they’ve experienced since being part of this program. And I want to share with you a few of their responses.
New Facilitators 2019, restoring hope for God's people!

Doctor Karla is a pediatrician who works with people of all ages, specifically with special needs children in Managua and in the rural communities. She writes:

When I started the Good Sense program, I was going through a serious economic crisis, because my finances were a mess. I did not know how to organize the resources God was giving me and felt everything I earned went to payments, and I even came to believe I couldn’t continue to tithe and this wouldn't offend God. After receiving the Good Sense course I learned:
  • That everything is from God and he trusted me to manage the resources he provided.
  • I learned to develop a debt cancellation plan and I have managed to reduce my debt by 70% to date. My projection is that by June 2020. I will be debt free.
  • I continue to tithe and God has opened the heavens in my favor.
  • I started a business selling medications, and under an administration strategy, the business has allowed me to earn extra income so I can move forward in paying my remaining debt, and have enough for my family.
  • With God's help, I now have a savings plan and I don't buy anything if I don't have the cash.
  • I am learning to be an administrator guided by God.
Thank you ... for being a means of blessing.

Pastor Eliezer and his wife pastor a church called The Eternal Rock, in Mostatepe, a community outside of Managua. His wife writes:

We thank God first and then you for the Good Sense course. We want to share with you our experience. Good Sense came to transform our lives at a time when we were in financial chaos where debts were not lacking. We didn't know how to solve the problem, and didn't have the slightest idea, we didn't see a light or an exit.

Now we have more direction as to how to manage our money, we have canceled 80% of the debts we had, and best of all, with God's help we have control of our money. We learned to have a budget and now we can save something. We are still in the process, but we feel more peace and above all we want to honor God with what he provides.

Jesse coaching the new mentors

Shirley is one of our first alumni, she is committed in changing her financial situation and that of her community. She is the only one who attained 100% attendance in the mentoring sessions offered. Here is what she had to say:

This program has been a life tool in the past years of my life. I remember one of the workshop exercises, to make a budget as if we only had one salary, I remember that I did this with my husband, at that time we were both working and we discovered two things:

1. We were spending too much through 'nickel and dime' expenses
2. We could "survive" on one salary and that exercise literally saved us. In May 2018 (after the start of the intense crisis in our country) my husband lost his job! Yet we already had a plan to move forward. More than a year (later) and with only one salary we are standing, we have paid our debt responsibilities, and are not yet finished with our savings plan.

I thank God for this program and my desire is that many more families be saved.

In order to experience financial liberty, we must surrender our finances at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ! Please pray for these 15 Facilitators and mentors, that they can continue to experience God’s abundance in their lives and communities!


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