Presenting El Muchachito!

A neighbor of mine was feeling the loss of BBQ chicken, ribs and steaks. He would come home and smell the air filled with smokey BBQ goodness from El Muchachon on Sunday afternoons! He said he was going to buy a grill from the Sinsa (overpriced Home Depot of Nicaragua). I said "NO! Do not buy some overpriced tin can made in China! We can make one here for you at the ESVO! It will be stronger, better and custom made!"

In case your wondering, an imported Charbroil grill here can cost over $200 at the Sinsa. We know back in the USA a Charbroil grill is decent, but they are not worth that price! So my neighbor and I sat down at the kitchen table and drew up some plans for a smaller grill. It was to use the same concept and designs from "El Muchachon' grill I made in December.

I brought the plans to the young men at the ESVO (Vocational School) and we started to get to work once again. In a little over a week the grill was completed and now I present to you, 'El Muchachito!'

El Muchachito!

Portable and ready for the beach!

This has been the third project done with the apprentices at the ESVO and we are building a good bond by working together. Of course there are plenty of jokes going around as in any shop full of guys, but there is solid time to teach excellence in work and our lives. Excellence in our lives as Christian men. Men who are diligent, of good reputation and honest. Too often we see work as a curse in our world because of the fall of Adam. This belief in incorrect, the original way in which God was going to relate with Adam was through work, working together in the Garden of Eden!

So I encourage all of you reading this post to continue to "work heartily as onto the Lord!" Colossians 3: 23-24.
Phase 1: Sheet metal Barrel

Phase 2: Layout and Stand set up!

Phase 3: How much corn can we fit?
Perhaps these grills will lead to something new here in Nicaragua for our ministry? A metal shop could be a blessing for the apprentices at the ESVO and others. Please pray with us for this possibility!


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