A Universal Small Business Problem - pt.3

During our catch up class in February the Nehemiah Center was blessed by a few generous individuals and churches! The Nehemiah Center director Luz let Freddy and I know there were sufficient funds donated in the beginning of this year to be able to hold another Finanzas para el Reino class!
Freddy's back in action!

I asked Freddy if he was up to the task of leading another course. He has been participating in some pastoral care for his depression and it has helped him very much. He also bought some reading glasses. These glasses helped him get back into reading his Bible and feeding his soul! As always Freddy was ready for another round of facilitating the Good Sense course! He says it keeps him busy and blesses him with some income now that he no longer works for the Nehemiah Center. He is on a contract bases until his health is back to normal, and funding permits. Please continue to keep Freddy in your prayers, they are working!

Jari's going to share the vision!
We decided to hold another vision conference. This time with a sector of Nejapa that Luz thought we should invite. Over the past few months friends and clients the Nehemiah Center works with in other areas have been asking about the program. They wanted to know when was the next course going to begin. (I consider this a very good problem to have, more demand!)This group was local pastors in the Nejapa area of Managua, where the Nehemiah Center is Located. On February 27, 2018, twenty-one people showed up to hear what is the vision Finanzas para el Reino. A good turnout on a short notice!

Currently we are now holding our second Good Sense course! Eight individuals with great interest  turned in their required prerequisites. Four of these participants are lead pastors in Churches in the Nejapa area. We have another Nehemiah Center employee with us and a volunteer. The volunteer is the sole women of the group. This group will finish the first week of April.

I have noticed a lack of men participating in the Nicaraguan church activities. I am sure there are many reasons, some men have to travel long distances from home to find work. If they do find work, it often includes long hours. Maybe its a macho culture? Perhaps church activities are too soft for them? The subject of finance has caught their interest, and they show a desire in hearing what God says about money. One of the pastors brought along a friend, who was hesitant to take the course. At the end of the first session he signed up, bought his book and committed to the next two weeks!

The men improving their stewardship
This man Juan asked to share a small testimony with me. "I came with pastor Jorge,  I really didn't want to come. I had a small interest but thought there was nothing for me here. But after our break God was talking to my heart, and he said 'Take the course'. What your doing means so much to us brother, God bless you!" Juan is a professional marketing consultant who runs his own business, and a co pastor of a local church.

Thank you to our faithful Lord Jesus, who provides enough resources for us to continue this work! Amen!


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