A Universal Small Business Problem - pt. 2

After arriving back to Nicaragua in December of 2017, I remembered the remnants of the class in September. There were three individuals who turned in all their prerequisites for the course and paid their deposits, but could not finish. We kept saying we needed to bring them in and finish the Good Sense course with them; but the Nehemiah Center is not in a good financial position to hold another class.

Added to this problem of financial resources we were missing our friend and facilitator Freddy Mendez. Since November of last year, Freddy fell into depression, but was slowly starting to heal from this illness and feeling better.

In late January of 2018 we received an e-mail from Franklin G. and Robert O. from La Semilla. Franklin was in our first cohort of Good Sense back in September of 2017. He wanted to know when we were going to have another class because he was referring his coworker, Ariel, to take the course. Now any good business knows referrals are your best compliment, and we had to make a decision about how to offer the Finanzas para el Reino to Ariel.

Freddy was visiting the office, and so we asked if he was feeling up to the task of facilitating a small group of 4 individuals for the course. He said he could do it and so we started our catch-up course in February! Thank you for all your prayers concerning Freddy and the continued recovery of his health!
Freddy & Catch up group Feb. 2018
Included in this small group is Cindy. Cindy worked with Freddy and I last year in the development of Finanzas para el Reino. She helped us hear a woman's perspective in the development of the program. She was supposed to take the course in September but fell ill on the first day, and therefore missed two sessions. We made a special adjustment to the date of the course to Saturday so she can include her husband Jimmy.

Many marriages in Nicaragua run their finances like they are two separate households. This can create a big problem in marriage, doesn't matter where you live. I have met couples here who sell things to their spouses and even lend money at interest to them! This is not what God has intended for us in marriage and part of a culture that is contrary to God's Word. Cindy's marital finances are not this extreme, but she wanted to improve her family's financial health.

Strengthening Marriages 
Cindy's husband Jimmy participated in the course and said he enjoyed another perspective on finance, and a Biblical world view of money. The couple is now communicating better and more openly about their finances. Jimmy works in the financial sector within Nicaragua, so he is a great blessing for our group. Please pray for their marriage and ability to work together with their finances.


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