Sharing the Message

Jari and I have been back in Grand Rapids, Michigan from October to the end of November. We have been sharing the work and  the message of Kingdom Business! We are so excited and inspired to hear the good feedback and response from our friends and churches!

Sharing at Unison Church, Grand Rapids MI
Many people have commented on how unique our work is. There are not many ministries that focus on the economic side of the Kingdom of God. These business people have a huge impact on their communities and the Nicaraguan economy. They provide jobs in a country where many have to leave their homes to find work. Best of all, they provide a different attitude in the market place, a confidence and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! 

During our mentoring with the entrepreneurs of AECNIC we have found a need for good financial stewardship values. Since all of them go to a church we decided to help the Nehemiah Center start a finance program called Kingdom Finance. This program mentors pastors and NGO leaders with Biblical financial management. If a church manages their finances well, so can the congregation, so can our entrepreneurs! The response has been awesome within Finances for the Kingdom program! You can read about our launch day, and now we have a wait list for the program!

On the Chicago River
God is making connections and we are meeting new partners who share a similar vision for you, me and the rest of the people on earth! We spent time in Chicago, IL for a meeting with the president of Good Sense. We are using their materials for the Finanzas para el Reino program. The Good Sense Movement is an organization that believes deeply in the fact that stewardship of financial resources lies at the heart of Christian discipleship ( 2017). They have an awesome team and we look forward to seeing how we partner in the future! 

In December we will be returning to Nicaragua to continue our ministry, our careers as Kingdom Professionals! There is a desire and hunger in Leon and Managua, Nicaragua for the Finanzas para el Reino program. There is anticipation within the Association of Christian Businesses of Nicaragua (AECNIC) to join in as well.

There is much work to do and we need our readers support to keep it going! Please pray for our work! We need all the prayer we can get! We also need financial support for the programs we are building and continuing. We are currently fundraising for the rest of this fiscal year. So please visit our Partner and Donating page and join us in building Christian businesses and breaking poverty!


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