Year Four!

Flor de Avispa in the Nehemiah Center

We've been back in Managua, Nicaragua for a month now and it feels great! Our fourth year here and things look very promising for Satisfied Wages! Work always starts off slow for the new year here at the Nehemiah Center but we're excited for some plans coming in the next few months. We'll share more details about them as they develop. There were some changes here during the months we were back in Michigan.

ESVO Closed 😞

The Escuela Vocational- ESVO (vocational School) closed at the end of December. After 12 yrs of good ministry it appears this season is over. The apprentices have left to look for work. I was told various reasons as to why the school closed, but overall it can be said the closing was a result of increased pressure from the government on different schools and NGOs as a result of the current political situation in Nicaragua. Perhaps ESVO could open again in a different location, but those are plans for the leaders to consider.

This news was a surprise for me, and I was a saddened by it. I had some great times working with the young men there and had some new projects to try out with them! Now I will have to look for another place to produce more Muchachon grills and other projects! I was able to get the phone numbers for the apprentices to stay in contact with them. I have some of my past work with ESVO posted on this blog, take a look at El Muchachito!

Sin Etiquetas 
Owners Jennyfer and Ariadne

These two young women invited me to their new store's grand opening! This store is where they will be selling the goods of the micro businesses they have trained in their workshops. A place for these business to get exposure to the market and at the same time provide income for Sin Etiquetas business training workshops. They asked us to visit the store a day before the grand opening to talk about operating plans, but more important than any plans, to pray and ask for God's blessing on their new business venture. These two young ladies are creating jobs in Managua and it's great to be a part of this!

Jennyfer, Myself, Ariadne, Grand Opening!

Clinica Jehova Nissi 

We reconnected with our 15 Good Sense facilitators February 19. The pediatrician Dr. Karla was present and afterwards asked for help with the accounting and budgeting for the clinic and pharmacy she runs on her property. Jari has visited her clinic before, but I have not. After working with Dr. Karla on her personal finances a few times in 2019, I decided it was time to go and visit her business. It is an impressive location with a lot of potential to expand in the semi-rural area of Nejapa. Dr. Karla has a humble heart for the neighboring children and with God's help we will see this clinic and pharmacy succeed! I will be spending more time working with Dr. Karla in her accounting systems and inventory controls.

Street promotion Clinic Jehova Nissi

Pharmacy Supplies

New health clinic under construction
Regocijaos en el Señor siempre. Otra vez lo diré: ¡Regocijaos! Vuestra bondad sea conocida de todos los hombres. El Señor está cerca. Filipenses 4: 4-5


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