Satisfied Wages is International

Unison church is on its way to becoming a financially free congregation! Why? How? Well because in October we finished our first course of Freed-Up Financial Living! This is the Good Sense Movement's English course. We ended this class in October and we have our first mentoring meeting at the end of this month. Jari and I are very excited to hear testimonies and see the progress of our participants. We are using the same techniques and methods we created in Nicaragua for this group, God's Word is universal!

Unison Church's Financially Freed-up, all the way to the next generations!

It was a small class, but I have learned over the years it's not about the quantity of people in your courses but the quality. The ones who show up after all the prework requirements and paying the registration fee are those who are really dedicated to making a change in their lives in the area of finances. They always increase their faith in God and share their knowledge to others. In this class we have a church administrator, and God willing future church planters. How great would it be that a new church is started with a strong Biblical financial foundation from day one!

Our prayer is to see this small group replicate the course next fall. We have had a handful of people within the church asking when we will be giving the course again. Some are requesting we come back in the fall of 2020 to continue this new finance ministry! But our work is in Nicaragua, so we encourage our grads to take this new ministry and grow it themselves. We don't know who will be the one to facilitate and lead yet but we have a prayer God will put it in someones heart to continue the work. Please pray with us!

Crunching numbers for the Spending Plan
During the course I sent pictures and video to our alumni in Nicaragua. They are part of a global effort to break the chains of debt and bust cultural myths about money! As always, they were very happy to be a part of the course with Unison Church and sent blessings and prayer for the group. I know our Unison group felt this encouragement. How beautiful is this exchange of two different countries sharing the same efforts to worship God with their finances?!

Do you know what God has to say about money? Come to Unison Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan to find out!


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