Spiritual warfare in Leon

We need your prayers! A few pastors in the city of Leon asked the Nehemiah Center to bring the Finances for the Kingdom program to their city. They ended up recruiting 10 pastoral couples in total, over 22 people were recruited. Not all of them finished.

Freddy and I knew this would be a tough group to facilitate the course to. Leon has a history of struggles, wars and hurricanes, and the new political unrest of 2018. Last year, Leon was locked in a violent struggle for 2 months straight that blocked them off from the rest of the country!

The political crisis of Nicaragua has hit the tourism sector very hard, Leon's major industry is tourism. The pastors have expressed a drop in church attendance and offerings. These pastors also recognize the need within their congregations to address financial struggles.

Freddy's sharing the Word!
We started our first class in June. Right away we felt the presence of a poverty mindset and the doubts it brings in. This group of pastors needed the most encouragement we have seen in all of our groups. We have finished giving the course and will be entering the mentoring stages of our program. Right now it doesn't look promising, we don't think many of the pastors will continue with the mentoring and have a hard time getting them to commit to a date for the first mentoring session in August.

This is where we need your prayers and help! Please pray for the 9 couples who finished the course. Pray against the poverty that has them trapped! Pray they bring this financial stress to our Lord Jesus Christ, so He can set them free!

Jari and Freddy demonstrating the envelope system!


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