Roasting in Acuhualinca

We spent a Sunday afternoon in the HOTTEST place I have ever been in my life! Over a 100F degrees, sharing God's message about money at a church in Acuhualinca! This church had a metal roof, and no insulation so this building was an oven! During the message I was stumbling words and presentation equipment almost burnt out! I had never experienced this kind of heat before, but God is good and He gave me enough water and Spirit to share a message with this group, eager to hear!

The sun even comes in through the door!

Back in early May a coworker at the Nehemiah Center, Adrianna asked about hosting financial workshop for the churches she works with. She said since the social political crisis of last year many of the churches in her program are experience tough times earning income, and their congregations are struggling financially.

A group of these churches is located in a section of Managua called Acuhualinca. This barrio is located on the northwest side of the capital city. It is on the shores of Lake Xolotlan. Close by the neighborhood is the city dump, La Churreca. Many of the residents from this barrio earn a living from recycling or finding material from the dump. Not many earn more than a $5-10 a week, perhaps less now, since the social political crisis in Nicaragua has caused the economy to retract about 5%.

Three different church groups came to the presentation Sunday afternoon to learn about finances, despite the heat. Their eyes were focused and hearts open and eager to learn! This eagerness gave Jari and I the energy to present under the scorching metal roof! We shared about using an envelope system, saving your coins and giving priorities to the four walls of your household budget, Food, Shelter, Transportation and Clothing. 

Breaking the spirit of poverty, with a fan behind us!

At the end of this super heated afternoon, a man shared with Jari he used to have a business selling tejadas (sliced plantains) and did fairly well, up until a emergency in his life and he lost it. He said he is going to start his business again, using the guidelines we shared during the presentation!

Do you know what God has to say about managing money? Are you ready to listen, despite the heat?!


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