The Heat of July

There has been a lot of tension in Nicaragua. The air is filled with fear and anxiety. The month of July was packed with this anxiety to a point of stress in the lives of everyone living in the country. Many people were killed and disappeared in June. As July started the uncertainty of violence made life as tense as the weeks before. There were political celebrations for the government, which meant more violence, more injuries and deaths. There was another national strike. All the businesses in the country were closed once again.

Through all this tension in the country Jari and I celebrated our wedding anniversary and birthdays! July was always a celebration month for us, and with the Nehemiah Center starting vacations we decided to find refuge outside of the capital city. We heard the roads were free from problems and roadblocks in certain areas going to the Pacific Ocean and we decided to take a trip. Some friends joined us and we had a great time relaxing and resting. Enjoying the great work of God's hand and His creation! Waves crashing and pelicans air surfing along the wave crests. This was a totally different world than the one we left a few hours ago. The Pacific waves pound the shoreline this time of year, watching them reminded me of God's strength and control, found in Job 38: 8-11.

"And I said, 'Thus far you shall come, but no farther; And here shall your proud waves stop '?

As the month started to end the rains started back up again. Giving us some relief from heat, and angry tension found in the capitol. The rains may bring calm for only a day or two, but it helps. This
rain also brings out more beauty in Nicaragua. In the garden of our apartment I was able to see the Nicaraguan National flower, the Sacuanjoche. It's the first time I saw the famous flower, and its beauty and aroma were magnificent!
In all this tension and uncertainty, life continues and our Creator is always in control. So we pray, and have confidence in our Lord Jesus Christ and keep our eyes fixed on His upward call. We know His peace will return to Nicaragua.


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