Pacientes Cronicos

Participants in our chronic support group at El Samaritano has been increasing in number! I am excited to share with you more of what our group looks like! This support group is offered to the clinics patients and community members with conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, and anyone else who wants to come and learn more.

Packed Group!

Last year an average of 15 people attended the group. Many of the participants live in the Nejapa area where AMOS and the clinic is located. Those that join us are folks in their 50s and 60s and many have shared how they look forward to coming every week.

So we had about 5-6 people show up the first few weeks. Now, this number has been increasing every week! Many are bringing their family, friends and neighbors! The largest group so far has been about 20 people since the class began. I assist the Urban Health Supervisor at AMOS in planning and implementing the weekly lessons. We also have a medical student who is here for 3 months and is giving us her support with each lesson.

 Our weekly lessons include topics on what diabetes and hypertension is and what it means to live with these chronic conditions. We cover the risk factors for these, the importance of exercise, nutrition, complications, and go over mental health and mechanism for coping.  Some of our diabetics also have high blood pressure so maintaining a good control of these can be very difficult and a challenge to cope with. Prayer and relying on God is a major coping method for many. The group also offers a safe place for them to share their stories and challenges as well as their accomplishments. It allows participants to build relationships with others, to encourage and inspire each other to live healthy, and make better health choices. For instance, one of our regular participants, who recently spent a few weeks in the hospital for health complications related to his diabetes, uses every opportunity he can to share his experience with others, and alerts them not to take their health for granted. He encourages the group to take care of themselves, because he feels God had given him a second chance.

Please pray for our support group, that they maintain an open mind and apply the lessons in the best way they are able to. Pray they will be inspired to take charge of their health and make changes!

Opening Prayer


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