Finanzas para El Reino

I am excited to share with you all we are starting a pilot program at the Nehemiah Center called Finanzas para el Reino. We have noticed the need for financial education among the churches and small businesses we have been working with. I know every one could benefit from some financial education in Nicaragua, (and the United States) but we have set a target area of west side of Managua and Nejapa area. This is a diverse social economic area and is where the Nehemiah Center is located. It is better to start work in your own neighborhood!
200 Surveys!
The Nehemiah Center has a vision of 'healthy churches' and so our target audience for this program is local church pastors and leaders whom we have an existing relationship with. We conducted a small sample study of these churches and Christians in the area. Here are some general findings.
When asked: " What are some things you would like to spend your money on but cant?" The top responses where a house, help my family financially and buy a car.

We then asked "What would help you achieve these wishes?" The top responses where, better control of my finances, earn more money and exit debt.

The Nicaraguan economy is growing, and access to credit or debt is becoming easier. There are stores like Gallo mas Gallo and Tropigas, that push loans for household appliances and entertainment items. These places offer easy credit, all you need to have is the ability to breathe and your approved. Credit card telemarketers call people on their cell phones and approve them for $500 credit cards with only their ID number. These are the beginnings of a nation of servants to lenders. (prov 22:7) 

BUT, here is some great news, the survey revealed to us most of our participants are young, single adults with no debt! If we can teach these individuals Biblical concepts of money management before they begin to start families and live life they will be able to stay debt free! What a blessing that would be to their communities, to learn how to stay out of debt and give more to their communities, churches and serve others in a generous way. 
A Snapshot of Opportunity!

As the economy of Nicaragua improves and grows with God’s blessing, the Church must be able to minister and manage the blessing of cash which should come with this better economy. Without the wisdom of Biblical money management it will not be possible. The Church should be free from debts, and enjoy the prosperity of her King’s blessings. Financial Peace allows God’s children to give more too. Not just more money, but more time and more of themselves. They become open and willing participants of service to their churches, communities and each other. 

Stay Logged on! More posts about Finanzas para El Reino to come...


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