Business Discipleship!

I stayed over night at the Hotel Campestre "La Terraza"after the AECNIC Celebration because we had an early morning board meeting with AECNIC (Asociacion de Emprasarios Cristianos de Nicaragua). It was a time to get input from the board on their progress and offer some advise, but also a time to testify about the great things God has done for them.

AECNIC's final recognition from the Nicaraguan government is on its way and soon they will be able to sign up more members. They know a lot of people are interested and have set a goal of growing by 100 members in the next 2-3 years. Board president Elizabeth says "We are brothers & sisters with a Biblical Worldview and pioneers with this structure." They have a vision to help Christian business because they see the need of God's people to be trained in topics of business as missions. Unfortunately, there is a belief in Nicaragua that business people are only looking to make money and they walk away from the Lord. They serve the church less. The training they received in partnership with the Nehemiah Center helped to prove their businesses worth and allowed them to grow in spirit and economically!

All 7 Board Members
Board member Fatima shared that even though she is the youngest board member she didn't know much about technology or the technical aspects of a business. She wanted to grow her business but didn't know how. She went through the Kingdom Business program and seen her previous investments and saw something much bigger and better than she realized. This was a blessing from God to have realize this, a new mindset was given to her. She has started to mentor other small businesses in the markets and those she has helped are also growing their business. She learned she can reach the Kingdom of God through business! She received God's blessing and cant wait to give it to others!

Board vice president Yesica sees a major problem with some Nicaraguan churches, and stated that when they start to see a member grow economically they say your not working for the ministry of God. They misinterpret a verse in Malachi about God's treasures. "If we give all of our resources and time this puts us in debt and we can't honor God. With no profits we can't help our church or others. We can't tithe because we are in debt! So we felt cursed! Thanks to God for this training because we can be good administrators of our businesses and win more souls for Christ, and then we will be blessed!"

Board President Elizabeth realize they have more skills than what they thought. They don't need money as much as they need skills and to recognize the God given potential they have. She referred us to 2 Kings 4:1-7 and said "All this widow had to do was ask for help, and go to her neighbors for that help, and that's what we do now. We help each other. The Bible doesn't say the widow had a business but I know afterward is was! I have seen it with my mother selling 1 box of soap to our village. Now we see our potential."

I have been blessed with the opportunity to hear their testimonies and to walk along side them as they grow and mentor others. To see them bless others the same way they have been blessed! To God be the Glory! Amen!


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