AECNIC Celebration!

I was able to attend the 1st assembly of the Asociacion de Empresarios Cristianos de Nicaragua, AECNIC, (Association of Christian Entrepreneurs of Nicaragua) celebration. This was held in the city of Chinandega. It was a great reunion of all the current 24 members of the association, AECNIC is getting very close to finalizing their official recognition by the government of Nicaragua.

During the assembly the members gave thanks to God and the Biblical Worldview business training they received through the partnership of the Nehemiah Center and Partners Worldwide. The training helped reassure their calling from God as Christians in the marketplace.

Luis from Chinandega said "I am only a worker in this business, it belongs to God and so does the property, I thank God for the blessing and opportunity to serve Him!"

Lesbia from Leon said " Thank you to Partners Worldwide and the Nehemiah Center. I learned about finances and business plans. I also learned accounting and found out my expenses were more than my income! I had to make a change. Most importantly I learned Biblical concepts. It has grown my faith and I give my business to God everyday. Now my 5 kids are working in the business and we share our joy with people everyday!"
Nehemiah Center's Freddy Mendez!

Two business partners from North America were present also, they had the opportunity to encourage AECNIC members. They encouraged them to work with each other, put on the full armor of God and to pray with one another, seek the Lord Jesus Christ and they will be on the right path.

Unfortunately, many of the churches in Nicaragua view business owners as bad individuals and are told they are not serving God. Thankfully, the room was full of joy at this celebration as they introduced themselves to one another and shared their business trade and location. It was a great place for these Christians to help support one another and share the blessings God has given them. A meeting where they can strengthen their own faith and afterward go out and share their testimonies to their customers, vendors and competition!

The current members also invited their friends to come and learn what AECNIC was about. Challenging questions were asked, like what are the benefits of this organization? AECNIC board member Yamileth answered, "Mentoring, and having fellow Christians available to help each other. The mentors are here in this room!"
AECNIC Board Members minus Roberto..

It was a blessing and encouraging to see these Christians demonstrate "continuing with one mind" as in, Acts 2:46. My words can't explain that feeling to you all, the Holy Spirit is alive and well!
AECNIC & friends

I got to get in it!


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