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Road Entrance
After completing the Finances for the Kingdom program in 2017, Pediatrician Karla was ready to apply newly learned stewardship principals to her personal finances. To free herself from the financial stress and the accumulated debt she had acquired, she began looking for other opportunities to earn extra income and pay back this debt.  She opened up her home to her community of Nejapa, a semi rural area on the outskirts of the capital city of Managua. She began offering medical consultations right on her front porch from 5:00-9:00 PM. During the first few months of opening her home for medical consultations, neighboring parents brought their children to see her. A few adults came seeking medical attention as well. 

Porch Consultation Room

No after hours medical clinics are open in this semi-rural community. Within the two clinics located in Nejapa a pediatrician is available once a week. God began to fill Dr. Karla's heart with the desire to start her own medical clinic and include a pharmacy. After seeking God in prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, Clinica Jehovah Nissi, The Lord is My Banner, opened in early 2018. The opening of the pharmacy came a little later as she worked on getting the pharmacy licensed with the ministry of health in Nicaragua. Now, with the clinic in full function, she has excelled at building her client base through the care and medical attention she provides. As a Christian doctor she prays and shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her patients. People are talking and referring family and friends to Clinica Jehovah Nissi. Not only are parents bringing their children from the Nejapa area, but also from Ciudad Sandino, a city that is about four to eight miles away depending on the route taken.
Some Pharmaceutical Inventory
Jesse sat in the waiting area and asked some of her patients why do they drive from so far away to see Dr. Karla. A mother told him, "She gives good patient services and she is nice, plus I can walk here with my daughter. She is eight years old now and has been cared for by Dr. Karla since she was an infant." Another young mother who lives in Cuidad Sandino, said it takes her a half hour to get to the clinic. There are no private clinics in Ciudad Sandino, and she doesn’t like the public ones. "The doctors are stressed and rude because of the amount of patients they see," she said. She has been coming to see Dr. Karla for 6 months, since her son was born. She is a nursing student in her fourth year of college, she was there for her baby's immunization shots.

We see God's blessings on the work of Dr. Karla! Patient serves are in demand! Dr. Karla's father, an engineer and great supporter of her work, built a small building right across her home. Clinica Jehova Nissi can continue to grow in this new location.

Moving Day
With the COVID-19 outbreak the clinic may see an influx of patients seeking care, asking questions, or needing prayer. To prepare for this forthcoming need, Dr. Karla has hired two young men from her church part time. They will help in the clinic and pharmacy. However, Dr. Karla will be sending people to the hospitals who may be showing symptoms of the virus.

On Saturday, March 21 Jesse and I helped Dr. Karla move into her new building. The new location allows the clinic to be separated from her family, where as before it was part of her home. Now she has a professional and hygienic environment to work in. 

Please pray for the health and safety of Dr. Karla and her staff, and for Clinica Jehovah Nissi to be a source of light and hope in these times of adversity.

We give praise to the LORD God our Banner for His sovereignty and faithfulness!

Clinica Jehova Nissi - Now Open
Juan registering patients. He's been a patient since birth!

Ready for patients


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