Smoking Good BBQ in the Jungle!

There was a lot of tension last year in Nicaragua. The political crisis forced many people to stay home and stay safe. It was a very tense and uncertain time. As the violence started to calm down the Nehemiah Center staff was able to come together again and get back to some good ministry work and planning for next year. North Americans volunteers started to make their way back to the country again.

Some friends and I started talking about grilling some ribs before the crisis broke out, but those plans were put on hold. Now with ministry work back in action at the Nehemiah Center we decided to have some good times and reunite in the Nehemiah Center Ranchon for some good eats!

Many of you know I am a grill master! So we decided to get 4 slabs of pork ribs and grill them up for everyone at the Nehemiah Center! I love the ribs here in Nicaragua, they leave so much meat on them and they are super tender and flavorful. Really, the United States needs to step up its pork farming because the swine down here is delicious! I spent the whole morning grilling, and we all ate good by 1:30.

Enough reading, below is a video for your eyes to see!

Open Pit Jungle Grilling!


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