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It has been a little over a year since Finanzas para el Reino began at the Nehemiah Center. God has blessed us with twenty-eight graduates since the program started. We have witnessed the transformation of the lives of these participants and the renewing of their minds with the Word of God. They now understand God’s plan for their lives and finances. Program participant Pastor Juan shares the impact these teachings had on his life, “As church leaders we did not have this knowledge about finances, these teachings are a treasure! Topics such as Christ’s return is frequently interpreted that we go on consuming and become more indebted! However, the solution to our finances, getting out of debt, and staying out of debt is found in the Bible.” The Good Sense course has helped his family start an emergency savings, budget, prioritize, and to get out of debt. They have stopped taking out more loans. He shares his testimony with his congregation. He encourages them to get out of debt, and learn to prioritize. He shares these teachings during the message on Sunday morning. One of pastor Juan’s favorite teachings from the course is all things belong to God, a truth he will never forget. 

In east Managua, Nicaragua

In phase one of the program, they learned what it means to be a faithful steward in the areas of earning, giving, saving, debt and spending. We also debunked cultural myths in regards to money. We learned about the pull of the culture versus the mind and heart of God, that all things belong to God. Which helps us reflect and ask the question, how are we honoring and worshiping God with our finances? 

Franklin taking initiative

In phase two, we focus on the formation of cell groups in the various sectors of Managua reaching even to the southern town of Jinotepe. Jesse and I have been following up with mentoring or discipling, building relationships with our alumni. We encourage them to start their own stewardship class and spread these Biblical teachings to members of their family, church, ministry, and communities. Finanzas para El Reino is much more than just taking a course, we see faithful stewards teaching and mentoring others the same way they are being mentored. Just like our alumni Franklin has started his second finance course! His second class has eleven participants, including two married couples. He just launched the class last Saturday. God is developing Nicaraguan leaders and financial coaches! Equipping them with His never changing Word on finances and stewardship!  

We have an abundant and generous Father who has imparted all things to His church so that they lack in nothing! Thank you church for your part in helping spread Christ message to Nicaraguans! 

Franklin's creating more faithful stewards


  1. Jesse & Jari
    It’s awesome and inspiring to see all you are accomplishing !
    I’m very happy and proud of all you’ve done and have both become 💝


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