12 Reasons to Celebrate

There is always something to read in the news about the political situation in Nicaragua. Protests and counter protests. Kidnapping by police and disappearances. Another National Stike takes place to put a stop to all commercial activity,  in standing for the release of political prisoners. For all of the bad news there is very little good and uplifting news. Well its time to read some good news!

On September 5th we celebrated the graduation of 12 dedicated individuals from the Finanzas para el Reino program at the Nehemiah Center! Over the past year we have had a few classes. Of course the political situation did lower our attendance but there were still individuals eager to learn what God has to say about money! Two pastors have completed our course in March and have begun to implement financial stewardship into their churches and preaching! We will be visiting these pastors in their churches very soon, and sharing more about their churches!

12 New Grads with support from Alumni
After the graduation celebration we continued with a mentoring discussion as a large group. Our topic was debt. Debts are everywhere in this world and in a poor country like Nicaragua they are more perverse and harder to get rid of. The political crisis has caused thousands to lose their jobs or take pay cuts. Now debts are heavier burdens to carry.

Thankfully we have a banker and debt collections professional among our alumni, Jimmy! He and his wife completed the course and now Jimmy was taking the lead in our mentoring sessions. He was answering questions, applying Biblical views about our responsibility as Christians to pay off our debts and avoid them. We are thankful to see our alumni taking the lead and passing on wisdom!

Jimmy breaking the chains of debt!
Its been a year since we launched our first Finances for the Kingdom course! No one could predict the political crisis that changed the whole nation in April 2018. Life in Nicaragua is not normal or the same as it was before. But big praises to God Almighty, Jesus Christ for His faithfulness! A year has passed and God gives us the strength to Press On!


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