Good Sense Vision Night

We had a good visit back to Michigan. We were able to visit family and friends and of course share our message of the Christian's role in business and financial stewardship. While fundraising is a difficult task and a necessary one for our ministry, it is a good thing. We are able to share the good work God is doing in Nicaragua and boast in our Lord Jesus and His faithfulness to our work. During an evening time of prayer Jari and I were encouraged by a great Bible passage to inspire us during our time in Michigan and Illinois. 1 Corinthian 3: 5-9.

What I love most about this passage is verse 9, we are God's fellow workers, God's field, God's building! God works with us and so Jari and I spent time sharing and promoting what God is doing in Nicaragua. We were doing our part, doing our job in His kingdom.

Jesse's on the mic!
We spent a Saturday in Chicagoland with our friends at Good Sense. They were having their Vision Night, Jari and I shared with over 200 people our work within the Nehemiah Center's Kingdom Finance Program. We use the Good Sense Movements materials in the program. Two of our program participants Franklin and Ariel finished with their own Good Sense course for rural farmers in the Carazo region of Nicaragua that same week! They had thirteen participants complete the course! Read more about their course at La Semilla Ministries.

Jari's ready for the big event

200 people in attendance

During the week of the vision conference a lot was happening in Nicaragua. Protests started in Managua and then spread to the rest of the country. We could only watch from afar, through news and messaging apps what was happening in the country. We knew there would be a lot of changes when we returned to Managua. I encourage you to search news about Nicaragua.

We returned to Nicaragua the first week of May. We continue to press on, and rejoice in our Lord Jesus Christ! Continuing what He has instructed us to do, to plant the seed and water.


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