The year 2017

Less than three weeks after our arrival to Nicaragua I was hit with Dengue fever. A small mosquito I never saw delivered a fever of 104 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 long days. In addition to this problem I caught bronchitis for the first time in my life also! This was the result of fumigation of an apartment below us, for mosquitos! In December there is a lot of trash and leaf burning, which agitated my lungs more. I battled these illnesses and Jari took great care of me, but she too had worries. I was upset, sick and doubtful of our move here.
Why did I come to Nicaragua? 
Was I here to get sick? 
You made a mistake!
Your not doing anything here!
I began to realize these thoughts were not all my own, but something else. After breathing through my nebulizer treatments, and taking my last fever pill I sat up on my bed. I knew I had to tell our partner churches and friends to pray for us. The Holy Spirit said to send out a message, so Jari sent an email requesting prayer, and my fever broke! Peace came back into our hearts, and we rejoiced!

This was the first of many spiritual battles to take place here in Nicaragua. Thank God we have victory in Jesus Christ! Our first year here we experienced some lows, but there are many hi moments! We rejoice in all of them! Why do we rejoice in the low moments? Well that is when we really let go of everything we thought we controlled and bring it to God in prayer. I tell you the truth, God answers every time. It not going to be how you asked or requested. God is sovereign, and not a genie! But He is faithful, He is a promise keeper!

From Dengue fever, lost bank cards, to stingrays and jelly fish God has kept us well. Even better than this we have 'broke bread' in the struggles of a new Christian business association, AECNIC, (Asociacion de Empresarios Cristianos Nicaragua). They are beginning to form a voice for entrepreneurs in the Nicaraguan market place! We saw their businesses get stronger through mentoring and prayer. We saw pastors making budgets and have a plan to get out of debt! We saw ministry leaders pay off debts and achieve financial goals! I am getting hype while typing this up! A debt free church starting with the pastors! YEAH! 

Although our good friend and coworker, Freddy Mendez has been battling depression, we still rejoice! One of the pastors in our Finances for the Kingdom cohort offered Freddy some help with this and he is receiving pastoral care. Freddy has glasses now, he can get back to reading the Holy Bible for his encouragement and strength. When he used to send me monthly reports in a Word documents, they were always 170% zoom! I know something was going on with his eyes! We know Freddy will return to work with us soon.
2017 Sunset, playa San Diego

2017 has been a great, and challenging year. It was a long year, but a good one for us all at the Nehemiah Center, Partners Worldwide, and AECNIC. 

For 2018 there are many challenges ahead. Fund raising for Finanzas para el Reino program. Mentoring the first cohort of the program. Developing a mission, vision, and values statement with AECNIC. Missing our friend Freddy Mendez.  We have plans, but we place all these plans into the hands of someone who is much better at running Satisfied Wages than I am, Jesus Christ.

Video posts or Vlog for 2018?!

I was able to get a bigger memory chip for our video camera. So I am going to start experimenting with video posts! Talking is easier than typing, but video seems to take longer to produce. Either way we have a new form of communication to share with you what is happening with Satisfied Wages for Nicaragua! 
Our favorite Nacimiento 2017

Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!

To end our year in Nicaragua we were able to go to a concert called Nicaragua Adora a Jesus. It was held at Plaza 22 de Agosto, in front of the Palacio Nacional down town Managua. Thousands went to praise God and pray for their nation, enjoy this short video! (cell phone camera)


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