Neighborhood Impacts!

Association of Christian Entrepreneurs of Nicaragua board

During the summer of 2016 when I was telling a good friend Paul Pierson I was leaving for Nicaragua and so I needed to close my company Satisfied Wages, Paul said, " Jesse, your not closing. Your going international!" With that new perspective I was able to stay encouraged and make the move to Nicaragua a little bit smoother for Jari and I. Soon I saw the plan God had for my business was the same it always has been. Coach and mentor people in their personal and business finances. I was doing what I have been doing for years, just in a different place!

We have had a great first year in Nicaragua. Jari and I have been able to stay encouraged and feed off the energy of entrepreneurs. We've taken day trips and stayed over night in hot hotels in the cities of Leon and Chinandega for business mentoring with the board member of Association of Christian Businesses of Nicaragua (AECNIC).

There have been very few times of sadness and crying, at least from the Nicaraguans! For all the things a person from the U.S.A could try to claim they lack, they are full of joy and a determination to succeed and prosper! 

Elizabeth and her son Johanan with their business canvas
Why are we mentoring Christian business owners? AECNIC board president Elizabeth Lopez owns a pulperia, small convienant store out of her house. She sells things like milk, bread, fruits, juices, toiletries and other similar things. Her pulperia serves a neighborhood of eighty or so people. 

This past July, four houses down from her pulperia, a single mother of 3 young children committed suicide. The three children are under the age of 12, left orphaned now living with aunt and other family. We would think they will be taken care of well by their family, but in poverty, extra people to care for can be hard on families, and not always welcome. 

These children know Elizabeth and they come to her often for help, prayer and support. In fact, many of the people come to her for more than just convenient household items. They seek out Elizabeth for hope and friendship! The hope Elizabeth shares is from the gospel of Jesus Christ! Her business supplies the needs of the neighborhood in so many ways!

Jari and I have the pleasure of learning, sharing and becoming friends with Elizabeth too! The stronger her business becomes, the more lives are impacted and improved, including myself!

Thank you all for partnering with us through our first year! Press On and Rejoice!


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