Conejillo de Indias

"Somos conejillos indios!" They all agreed to be those guinea pigs! I had my own batch of 14 conejillos de indias to start our experiments on! For the next 7 weeks the employees at the Nehemiah Center opened their hearts and exposed their culture to a new perspective on money and what is God's method for handling money.

Debt Free Victor
We used Andres Gutierrez's Paz Financiera for our curriculum. This was chosen because the teaching is done by video. Jari and I facilitated and led the class discussions at the opening of the classes and after the videos. During the first few weeks we felt resistance and some barriers to learning raised by our participants. We wrestle against a spirit of pobreza - poverty, and the lies she tells us. She told us clothes were not necessary, we are too poor to save. Pobreza said this is not going to work in Nicaragua, in our culture it's different. She also said there is too much emphasis on the power given to money.

With prayer and God's Word we punched holes in all those barriers, the Holy Spirit softened hearts and joy was found! Inspiration and truths were found in versus such as Psalms 24:1, Luke 14: 28-30, Proverbs 6:1-11. These are only a few of the versus covered, but how great it was to see our class get a renewed mind!

Some of our class achievements were:
Selling items in their home to start an emergency fund
Selling things to pay off debt
Budgeting with their spouses
Wiser purchases
Saving $6000 Cordobas (about $200 USD)!
Paid off all debts!
Sharing Achievements

We challenged them to answer, "What can a financially literate, debt free Christian do for the Kingdom of God?"

Conejillos de Indias

Too the readers of this post: Why are you still in debt? Why are you trying to build your tower with no plans? Jesus Christ came so that you can have LIFE, and have it abundantly! Won't you surrender your life and your finances to Him, and find peace and financial freedom?

Seguir Adelante!


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