Clinica el Samaritano de Nejapa

Jesse and I have been adjusting well to our new home in Nicaragua. This past month we've been getting familiar with our surroundings and learning how transportation and the phone systems work here. We have been blessed with an apartment just walking distance to groceries stores, pharmacies, and banks. Our family members in Nicaragua have been a tremendous help as well as those at the Nehemiah Center during our transition here. My first few weeks I've been orienting and meeting the staff at AMOS Hope and Health and Clinica El Samaritano in Nejapa.

The clinic serves communities in
The Clinic
the Nejapa area (a semi-rural community) just outside of Managua (the capital) and those who come from other locations. Services offered include medical consultations, laboratory exams, diagnostic ultrasounds and a pharmacy. The clinic operates Mondays through Fridays, with two medical doctors on staff, one licensed nurse, an office manager, and a receptionist who also dispenses medications to patients. Ultrasounds are performed via appointments or walk-ins by a radiologist who comes in the afternoons twice a week. The clinic also has a medical doctor with a nurse practitioner who volunteer their time during the week. Throughout the year support groups such as Pacientes Cronicos (Chronic Patient) and Madres Nuevas (Pregnant Mothers) meet once a week to discuss topics on health, disease management and prevention, nutrition, community resources, and more
Waiting Area
During my time here I have been doing a little bit of everything like helping out the clinic nurse Yahaira triage patients, and Reyna the receptionist with the clinic's monthly medication report. The majority of the medications in the pharmacy are donated from Christian Aid Ministries and other organizations. This is a great blessing for patients! After their consultation with the physician, patients can pick up their prescription medications in the pharmacy, if it is available, at no cost. There are a few medications sold at a very low price, these medications are bought by the AMOS Foundation and supplied in the pharmacy for its patients.
Receptionist Reyna and Nurse Yahaira

AMOS and clinica El Samaritano realizes the need to provide mental health services to its patients and its staff. Therefore, a mental health survey was developed to screen those who visit the clinic as well as its staff for depression. I have been helping out in performing these screenings and this has allowed me to have that one on one time with patients or their family members. Many have shared their concerns and their life stories with me. After hearing their stories I felt the need to pray with them and asked for God's peace and grace in their lives.

An older patient shared with me how worried she was about her health. She has been dealing with a non-healing sore on her leg for months and now she was being seen for pain and redness to her left hand and wrist. She felt hopeless because of her poverty and no one could help her. I asked if I could pray with her and she nodded her head yes. I asked God to hear her concerns, and just as God has established healthcare workers to do this great ministry of caring for others He has also given them wisdom to carry out their work. I prayed for when she went in to see the doctor she would hear good news. After our prayer she went in to see the doctor. Afterwards I asked her how it went. She was very happy and grabbed my arm and held my hand. She said the doctor told her the sore on her leg was healing well and the redness on her arm was only a rash and could be treated with an ointment. "Please keep praying for me." she asked.

It feels wonderful to share with them God's peace and the good news of His grace. I am grateful to be used by God. A small prayer, one person at a time, can help spread the abundant grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Clinic staff and me



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