Coaching in Chinandega

I have started to participate in our mentoring program for the business owners of the Asociacion de Emprasarios Cristianos de Nicaragua (AECNIC). There are 24 members of the association and we have chosen to start with the associations 7 board members. Each business has already received six months worth mentoring earlier this year, so my work will build on this and God willing, bring a new perspective to the participants.

If any of you are familiar with my previous work, I was on a Business Affiliate team for SpringGR in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a few years. This team consisted of Christian business men and women who volunteered their time and wisdom to help mentor SpringGR alumni. Here is a link to learn more > SpringGR It's a great program, and get involve if you are in the Grand Rapids, MI area!

I hope to put my previous experience to work for AECNIC. Of course, there will be plenty to learn from AECNIC as well. I can't wait to see how these entrepreneurs respond and bring their markets to Christ!

Clinica Donte Duarte

We returned to Chinandega to start 2 Business Profiles. I met with Doctora Yamilet who is a dentist and runs her own dental office. She has been in business for 10 years and first started her practice out of her house. She then decided to grow and expand her clinic so she moved to an office building in the center of Chinandega. Her first 2 weeks at the new location went well and she was very busy. Unfortunately, after this 2 weeks she found herself with no patients and very discouraged. She would even go home crying and felt like giving up.

However, her husband helped to encourage her and he started to market the business with her. He began to pass our flyers in the streets and to people passing by. Soon business picked up and she is doing better. Her goals are to pay down debt and with God's help and some good Biblical wisdom she will become debt free soon!
Simple but effective!

Laboratorio Valle de Barac

Yesica used to work in a medical diagnostic laboratory as a technician until she was able to purchase it from the owner. However, problems in her life prevented her from continuing the business and she had to store all her equipment and shut it down. She realizes now, it wasn't until she became a Christian was she able to open the business again. She went to a conference called Valle de Barac, where she realized this was a place of blessing to God. She then received Jesus Christ into her life and was able to start her business once again! 

There are still some ongoing problems in her life that take time away from her business. However, she knows this season will pass and the new year offers her hope. In my last Chinandega post, I mentioned her plans to update her equipment. She proclaims God's faithfulness and blessings, and says, "In the name of Jesus I will do this!"

The faith of the entrepreneurs is very contagious! I am so glad to be able to work alongside them and win the marketplace back for Jesus Christ! It is our prayers these businesses become stronger and shine God's light to Chinandega and beyond! 


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