Who is Your Senior Partner?

I bought myself a Buck knife in the last year and inside the package, on the Famous Forever Warranty was this message from the Buck Family. Please take some time to read it!

"From the beginning, we determined to make God the Senior Partner."

I smiled when I read this. I knew I was dealing with a good company, a company that cares about its products, but more importantly its customers! They have chosen not only to live out their Christian faith in life but in their business. They have given ownership of the company to God by making Him, Senior Partner. 

Senior Partner - Partner whose level of involvement (and the associated authority, responsibility, risks, and rewards) is greater than that of the junior partners, and at par with other senior partners. - Business Dictionary

Giving all the authority, responsibility, risks and rewards of the business to God has allowed this company to be some of the best knife makers in the USA since 1902. This is a Biblical world view, surrendering all, including the rewards, to Jesus Christ. We should recognize that Jesus Christ is the ruler of all things, even our businesses. While we make mistakes as people, we should remember who is in charge of our companies, and ultimately our lives!

As I take Satisfied Wages to Nicaragua, I will make sure to have God remain as Senior Partner, and we need your prayers. There will be many risks, and rewards. You can join in on this work as well! Jari and I will try to post often. She is also a contributor on this blog. Make sure to sign up for e-mail updates for new posts and join us! We are excited to see what God has for us in Nicaragua!

Seguir Adelante!


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